Navigating & Transforming Life with Your InnerCompass!

Exploring Your Personalized Psychological Roadmap

“Listen to the compass of your heart.
All you need lies within you.”
Mary Anne Radmacher

Innercompass Personality Assessment

Inviting individuals & teams to unleash their potential.


Teaching Coaches, Therapists, HR Professionals, & others on how to navigate & help solve client issues by interpreting the InnerCompass Assessment.


Holistic & deep exploration into self to uncover true health & wellness Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically.

Business Consulting

A systemic, integrative, & surgical like approach that accurately assesses & identifies business root causes while offering root solutions.


The IC9 Graph is as unique to you as your fingerprints. It is your Spiritual, Psychological, & Behavioral Fingerprint. It is your unique “internal map” of how you are navigating life.

What is your Inner Compass?

Every individual navigates life with a unique compass! This individualized inner compass was built from the time we were conceived through childhood and that becomes the basis for how we navigate life. It was shaped based upon how we got our needs met when very young. Human needs are rooted across multiple domains e.g. the physical, the mental/emotional, and the spiritual. Each of us has built our current multi-dimensional inner compass from our personality type, childhood experiences, parental/authority figure conditioning, and other environmental factors.

As a result of our multi-dimensional navigation system, all humans experience their inner compass at various levels of functionality. At one point or another we experience it as either faulty/not working or as a mystery yet to be discovered. Therefore, your own inner compass might not currently offer you a path that feels satisfying, the mental clarity to create a fulfilling path forward, nor the insights to gain a deeper purpose/meaning in life.

Is your inner compass still a mystery or is it somewhat disfigured or broken? Has your experience of life brought you to a point where your inner compass needs some attention, support, and maybe even a shift? Maybe you are navigating life pretty well and simply want to fine tune or accelerate your growth?

for Coaches & Consultants

It is my experience that coaches and consultants can often lack the tool(s) within their professional tool box to truly determine the causes and offer solutions to their clients struggles. Therefore, they tend to struggle to navigate their services, which gets to the core of helping their clients achieve their desires, dreams, as well as get out of pain. The InnerCompass Assessment offers coaches/consultants the ability to navigate territory that drives their value and overall confidence to facilitate solutions for their clients.

It is not uncommon for our Certified Coaches/Consultants to hear their clients say things like……. “I am amazed on how much I now understand myself in just one coaching session?” and “How is it that you know me so well and you know nothing about me other than me having completed the Assessment?”

We certify Coaches/Consultants to be able to administer, assess, and provide recommendations as a result of the proficient mastery and practical utilization of our InnerCompass Assessment.

a coach with client


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you want support and help for helping yourself navigate and overcome your self-defeating attitudes and behaviors?

Our coaching services are some of the most efficient and effective due to our ability to leverage the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile.

The power of our Assessment & Profile allows the InnerCompass Coach to provide pinpointed recommendations based upon the client’s stated objectives for coming to coaching.

InnerCompass Coaches through our Assessment & Profile have the ability to support your agenda from the very first session due to the depth of information that our Assessment & Profile provides.

A part of our coaching style/approach is the concept of “disturb the comforted & comfort the disturbed.” Meaning we will support you in each step within the CHANGE PROCESS. By mirroring back to you for your consideration potential blind spots and unconscious patterns that are impacting life. Furthermore, we help you learn how to comfort yourself through self-parenting techniques and finding your own Inner Compass (i.e. inner strength & resilience).

compass in hand

Business Consulting

Do you lack awareness of your Organization’s Personality? Do you struggle with identifying with clarity your human capital needs? Know who to hire for best fit? Identifying how to coach and develop your top talent? Can you truly reconciling/resolving Team dysfunction?

Our Consulting and Coaching Services are rooted in our dynamic, systemic, and comprehensive Personality Assessment & Profile. Our Assessment allows us with pinpoint accuracy identify root causes impacting your business while offering root solutions to achieve business outcomes.

We help you design your people systems based upon how to best leverage each individual and Team’s talent, skills, and knowledge to obtain the business results you are seeking. We bring deep, functional expertise, and are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization.

What our
Customers say

“One of the key elements of the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile is its ability in having deep insights into my personality which is helping me improve myself in particular with regard to my leadership style and in my relationships. Recently, I was using the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile as reference in one of the leadership discussion forums where I was invited as a guest speaker to talk about ‘Talent Development.’ I believe this tool would be highly effective in the talent development process at Amazon or any company.”

Riazuddin Mohammed, Director, Customer Service, Amazon

“My HR Business Partner led a team activity for the FemCare Leadership Team at P&G using the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile which, until now, is still the most effective tool I have experienced to help improve the effectiveness and well-being of a team. With the great insights from the Assessment along with effective coaching, I was able to see my colleagues in a much more positive light and I could more effectively collaborate with each one of them (understanding and appreciating their strengths much more than I ever did before).”

Rosa Hernandez, Vice President, Research & Development, Procter & Gamble

From the moment I received my personal report and had the opportunity to go through my results with Jason in a 1-on-1 Sessions I was fascinated by the accuracy of the assessment as well as his unique coaching style.

I immediately understood that the IC9 Personality Profile System would not only be a beneficial tool for my personal growth but also for our self-development curriculum we offer as part of our Budokon Teacher Training Programs and The Way Of The Warrior Women Retreats.

Melayne Shayne, VP & Global Brand Director Budokon University

“As CEO for Ice Energy, an emerging national company in the alternative energy field, I have had the privilege to have InnerCompass work their “magic” regarding the insightful interpretations of Enneagram profiles for my company’s benefit. They have time and again made key contributory insights regarding the hiring of key executive staff and saved us the painful, expensive price of wrong decisions through the advice they have shared from the InnerCompass Assessment & Profiles”

Frank Ramirez, CEO, Ice Energy, Inc.

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