About Inner compass

Our History

Our company was founded by Dr Joel Ehrlich– a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Jason Olivea.

We created InnerCompass Assessment with the vision of using the Enneagram to bring wide-ranging, innovative life solutions to all areas of people-problems in business, relationships, health, and executive coaching.

We developed the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile™ based upon the Enneagram as a means of turning this unique personality tool into possibly the most dynamic, interpretively accurate instrument for businesses, coaches, counselors, and people who seriously want to know themselves in the most in-depth way to be able to bring personal growth of their inner potential most effectively into their lives.

The InnerCompass Interpretation methodology™ offers an understanding of the Enneagram that may very well be the most accurate objective method available for determining one’s Enneagram personality type. It offers the ability to predict how an individual is seen by others in their work and life roles.

This makes the tool invaluable for business professionals, counselors, coaches, and people on a life journey to improve their lives and reach their highest potential. We have developed the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile™ to be an ever-expanding endeavor of reading all areas of human potentialities to effectively help guide individuals and professionals in areas of decision-making regarding career moves, developing human potential, and understanding interpersonal relations in the highest way possible.

It took us years of testing with hundreds and hundreds of clients based upon their profile review to create the scoring formula, questions, and trademark algorithms. The by-product is that we have developed with a high degree of confidence an Assessment that is extremely powerful and accurate Personality Assessment bar none.


B.S. Psychology | M.S. Organizational Development


  • Professional Coach – Institute of Professional Excellence of Coaching (iPEC)
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Level 3, CHEK Institute
  • Practitioner – Corrective Exercise & Movement Coach, CHEK Institute
  • Holistic Coach – Journeys of Wisdom
  • Enneagram Technology & Personality Profiles

More about Jason

Jason Olivea has spent over 20 years as a leader in the Healthcare Industry as a Hospital Administrator and Consultant. During this time, he leveraged his knowledge and expertise of the Enneagram to achieve unprecedented success. He was a leader and facilitator of teams within one of the most prestigious pediatric hospitals in the United States where he led them to succeed in achieving state and national Safety & Quality goals which had never before been accomplished. As a result of this work, he has been published in professional journals such as the American Journal of Pediatrics and The British Medical Journal of Quality & Safety. He has also taught and presented on Quality Improvement & Safety nationally as well as in poster presentations at national conferences. He also led an organization to achieve the highly sought after Joint Commission Accreditation status.

Over the years Jason has also had the privilege of coaching pediatric healthcare leaders from all over the United States regarding change management, emotional intelligence, team effectiveness, and quality & safety science. In addition, Jason is a certified Professional Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach helping clients from all over the country in dealing with issues like relationships, career transitions, career burnout, gut health, and mental & emotional stress. Utilization of the Enneagram has been an integral part of his coaching practice. It is through his own journey of integrating his personal and professional experiences, his systems thinking approach, and his holistic coaching practice that engendered a deep respect and love for co-creating the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile Methodology.