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We offer the opportunity to become a Certified Inner Compass Coach capable of interpreting holistically the Inner Compass profile. Over the years, we have seen such powerful results from the holistic coaching provided to those we work with. “How do you do that?” Our coaches have been asked this question so many times, we decided to create a certification program to teach you how to interpret the InnerCompass graph yourself!

This Program is designed to help folks like HR Professionals, Therapists, Counselors, and Coaches across all disciplines (e.g. Executive, Life, Health Coaching) obtain greater insight and understanding with their clients faster.


Certification offers the ability to interpret the Personality Assessment that allows you to have clarity regarding the following characteristics even before you meet your client:


Understand your clients at their Core

Unconscious motivations, needs, desires, functionality, mental/emotional triggers, how they respond to stress, clarity with patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaviors they demonstrate & why. Why & how they are showing up professionally. Understand their ability to successfully manage or not their intimate relationship, friendships, and family dynamics.


Greater Confidence in Navigating Your Coaching Sessions

The Assessment (i.e. Roadmap) offers a way to help a coach be very clear and confident in how they can help their clients achieve their coaching goals. Furthermore, it helps coaches discern with clarity their client’s issues specifically related to unique mental/emotional blocks that stand in the way of client success.

Understand your clients interrelationships

Precision like ability to understand how your clients abilities and stress points regarding their relationships (individuals, groups and self), how they work in teams, how they use or undermine themselves regarding emotional intelligence.

Deep understanding of your client from the beginning

What would it mean for your client to know you truly understand them at a deep level from the very beginning of your engagement? What if you were able to utilize every coaching session or interaction where you both were communicating with this type of information from session 1?


Use data to reduce your stress

What if you could reduce your stress response (in respect of trying to figure client out and/or how to ask open-ended questions to unlock their potential) to your client and thus support them in the change process?

Competitive Edge

What if you had a tool that you could market to prospective clients that helped you have a competitive edge over other care providers?

Typical Certification candidates who use the InnerCompass Assessment are:

  • HR Professionals
  • Life/Executive/Health Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Caregivers

By using our Assessment, these practitioners have been able to better understand their clients and to provide them with better services, resulting in better results for their clients.

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Are you ready to start your journey towards becoming an InnerCompass Certified Coach?

Objectives of the Certification Program

Our Certification Program is designed to be hands-on. We provide a high amount of personal time with our Coaches.

enneagram mastery

Obtain mastery of the Enneagram Model & approach to human personality.

Our system

Obtain a complete & systemic understanding of the InnerCompass system.


Increase your skills in identifying your client’s spiritual, mental & emotional needs.


Coaching Techniques

Learn Coaching techniques to support your clients through their navigation of life.


Learn how to develop customized reports based on individual profiles.

What sets you apart from the competition as a Certified InnerCompass Coach/Professional is that you now have a Roadmap

IC9 Graph Example

You will be able to review the Graph (i.e. Roadmap) of your client and offer your client the following understanding and insights that are unparalleled…..

  • Core motivations, desires, fears, beliefs that drive their behavior
  • How they are navigating life to get their needs met
  • To what degree and why they suppress/repress emotions
  • What your innate talents & strengths are
  • Identify & learn how to leverage talents & strengths
  • Their ability to work with Teams
  • Their emotional intelligence
  • Their tasking, goals, and leadership capability
  • Their critical thinking skills and aptitude
  • How they approach problem solving
  • How they experience & engage the world
  • How they self-sabotage
  • How they show up in relationships

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Are you ready to start your journey towards becoming an InnerCompass Certified Coach?

Personally, I have found the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile tool quite fascinating as it takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Being an HR professional, I have experienced many psychometric/personality profilers like OPQ, MBTI, 16 PF etc. but I found the InnerCompass Assessment Profile’s interpretation of my personality via the Enneagram to be the most detailed and gives you great insights into both self-learning and self-development. I found this Assessment to be really helpful and would recommend it to all my business partners and HR team members for team effectiveness, for leadership development and even for matching people to the right assignments/roles for their passions and strengths.”

Dinesh Nagpal, Director, Human Resources, Amazon

“As the country Human Resources Manager for San Jose, Costa Rica, I had the privilege to be introduced to the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile tool that provided interpretations of the Enneagram types with extreme high precision. To my amazement, the interpretations turned out to be extremely accurate and a custom fit to myself and the team. The Assessment was particularly helpful when mentoring and leading others providing very accurate, insightful, and actionable information.

Gianna Soto, Regional Program Manager, Amazon

The certification program has given me the necessary tools to support our students in their very own process of self-inquiry, to help them understand themselves in more depth by accessing their unconscious core beliefs, motivations, desires and fears through their individual assessment of all 9 personality types of the enneagram.

Over the course of the certification program Jason has delivered the educational information through lecturing on each personality type, analyzing real life examples and graphs based on his developed algorithm and interpretation methodology as homework and reviewing our assessment live during our weekly training session. “

Melayne Shayne, VP & Global Brand Director Budokon University

“The Enneagram Coaching Certification through Inner Compass taught me how to navigate through my unconscious motivations and behavior patterns to really understand the why behind what I do and when. I am now more

confident in my ability to coach and facilitate change as I am better able to identify the internal driver of thoughts, feelings, and actions. Jason’s ability to create a true learning environment through the lens of

interpreting who we think we are and how we learn allowed me to fully immerse myself to learn without boundaries. This certification will enhance your exploration of self and provide valuable insight into and understanding of the personality and behaviors of others.”

Lori Chang, Dietician, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, and Holistic Health Coach