Coaching services

Coaching Defined

Empowering other people to experience reverence & compassion for themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically to face & transmute life’s challenges.

Why you need Coaching


You need support integrating your HEART (i.e. InnerCompass) with your Roadmap (i.e. Graph).


Your current knowledge and skills in navigate life don’t meet the demands that life is challenging you with.


You don’t know what you don’t know & you can’t hold up a mirror for yourself like a coach can.


You struggle to define and live on purpose.


You want a place to explore yourself in a safe and nurturing environment.


You want to learn and be coached by someone who has developed a certain level of mastery with similar challenges.

What is coaching?


Coaching is upholding and honoring the client’s agenda.


Coaching is offering support from a holistic (Mind-Body-Spirit) perspective.


Coaching is helping a client help themselves in their own exploration of life.


Coaching is holding up a mirror to reflect back to the client their energy, their ideas, and their conflicts as they discover more of self.

What isn’t coaching?


A coach who tells you what to do.


A coach providing psychotherapy.


A coach who becomes the metaphorical parent.


A coach who is responsible to hold you accountable like a sports coach.

Characteristics of my approach to coaching


Seed planter

Mirror Holder

Inviter of curiosity into the conversation

Self-helper (helping others help themselves)

Holding sacred space

Empathy for the willingness to experience and share life

Facilitator of shape shifting perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors

Creating a safe environment to share with vulnerability our hearts and minds

Explorer of hidden agendas while holding your agenda

Our coaching services are some of the most efficient and effective due to our ability to leverage the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile.

The power of our Assessment & Profile allows the InnerCompass Coach to provide pin pointed recommendations based upon the clients stated objectives for coming to coaching.

InnerCompass Coaches through our Assessment & Profile have the ability to support your agenda from the very first session due to the depth of information that our Assessment & Profile provides. This means that the InnerCompass Coach does not need to “figure out” who you are to support you, rather the Coach has solid insights to support you through the coaching process from session one.

male with coach
compass with sunlight behind

Our Coaching approach is focused upon a holistic understanding of where you have been and where you are wanting to evolve towards.

We use our client’s InnerCompass specific 9 Type Graph TM to offer a customized analysis and report.

As a result, it feels like our report comes alive and embodies you in a way that has not been experienced across Personality Profiling.

We coach our clients through an effective InnerCompass Integration Process. Our process emphasizes a supportive methodology that helps a client successfully incorporate their results from their customized analysis and report into a path forward (e.g. navigating & experiencing life).

Assessment Plus


+ Personality Assessment

+ Our Assessment is the ONLY Assessment of its kind that has a PERSONALIZED Graph

+ 90 minute Deep Dive Coaching Session with Advanced Analysis and Review


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Assessment + 5 Coaching Sessions


+ Personality Assessment

+ Our Assessment is the ONLY Assessment of its kind that has a PERSONALIZED Graph

+ InnerCompass Integration Coaching System 5 x Coaching sessions

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Assessment + 10 Coaching Sessions


+ Personality Assessment

+ Our Assessment is the ONLY Assessment of its kind that has a PERSONALIZED Graph

+ InnerCompass Integration Coaching System 10 x Coaching sessions

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Custom Coaching System

Customized Price per
Your Needs

+ Personality Assessment

+ Our Assessment is the ONLY Assessment of its kind that has a PERSONALIZED Graph

+ Customized Coaching Package Designed Just for You

What our Customers say

Working with Jason has been revelatory.  Not only does he wield an impressive set of coaching skills, he is also highly intuitive, empathetic and able to connect on any level necessary to help propel you towards your desired goals.  Most importantly, Jason is able to help you understand yourself on a deeper level and then take that newfound wisdom and apply it to real-world situations due to his amazing business acumen.  Whether you’re seeking to understand yourself more deeply or take your business to the next level, Jason is incredibly talented and capable of helping you achieve your dreams!

Rick Harrigan, Executive & Leadership Coach, Three Pillar Coaching

Jason has provided me insight into areas of my life, that I would have never be able to assess on my own. The knowledge, compassion and tools have been instrumental for me and my personal growth as a father, husband and a friend. Thanks so much again Jason!”

Jim D. Humphrey, CEO,
Power Services Company, Colorado

“No matter who you are or what level of success you have already achieved, Jason Olivea will help you get to your next level and beyond. He has the skills, training, and style to help you make yourself and your life into what you envision. His coaching is complete, focused, personable, and honest. You will get more than you knew you came for, and become more than you thought you could be.“

Dr David Ottolenghi, Owner and Lead Physician at a large Primary Care Healthcare Clinic in Colorado

“I have worked with Jason over an extended period of time trying to dig deep into my personal traits and better understanding on what drives me. I was amazed how he coached me and always found a way to be supportive regardless of the topic we worked on. I felt I struggled and often got stuck but he never gave up and help me realized who I am and what I need to do to better manage my eating habits. With his help, I completely stopped binge eating and rebalanced my diet toward higher quality and healthier choices. In addition, I found him to be an outstanding listener and highly experienced in holistic healing approach. I am feeling energized and see the end of tunnel thanks to Jason’s relentless passion. The coaching allowed me to see a holistic self and define a viable path toward self improvement. Jason’s holistic healing approach is what is making a difference in my ability to succeed in a long run where other approaches simply caused ups and downs.”

Kornelija Zgonc,
VP Water Research Company

“Jason is authentic and patient. He has done an excellent job showing me that I have everything I need to deal with a problem or situation by simply looking within and changing the way I look at and process things. If you’re willing to do the work, Jason is able to coach and teach you to live your best life!”

Laurie Stevens, Sr. Project Manager

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