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Our Consulting and Coaching Services are rooted in our dynamic, systemic, and comprehensive Personality Assessment & Profile. We offer various levels of Integration packages for people or organizations who are just getting started on their journey of self-discovery, those who want to focus on specific areas of desire or concern, and/or we will work with you to create a customized coaching solution to meet your needs.

Our Consultants work with you to identify your needs in the areas of: 


Talent Placement

External and internal hiring, advancements, succession planning and appointments.


Talent Development

Programs for high potential or highly valued employees, fine-tuning for leaders with blind spots or opportunities.


Team Effectiveness

Assessing function/dysfunction of teams or departments and creating appropriate action plans to address.

This is all based on the insights gained from the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile at the individual AND combined team Level.

This work includes a full assessment of the team profile and provides both watch-outs and areas of strength to leverage as a team. 

The InnerCompass team can bring our expertise to your organization with a pre-packaged or customized approach to unlocking the maximum potential of your people, and ultimately your organization’s purpose/mission.

The InnerCompass Assessment & Profile helps:

  • Organizations
  • Teams
  • Individuals
business consulting

HOLISTIC Business Solutions: We exist to offer individuals, teams, and organizations the ability to experience the understanding of themselves from a holistic and systemic perspective. Often, people look for and are eager to utilize tools such as personality assessments and profiles, yet they may not get the best experience nor gain the depth of understanding they desire due to the tool’s limited view/perspective.

At InnerCompass, we believe there is a wealth of insight to gain about People, Teams, and Leadership when we look holistically at their individualized and collective patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. As a result, we have built our assessment to measure and integrate all of the nine Enneagram types and we offer holistic interpretation and understanding across the various levels of a Company.

Through our customized reporting, we provide our clients an integrated set of data they can work with to fine tune and unlock maximum potential. We aspire to raise the bar regarding what a personality assessment and profile can offer individuals, teams, and company’s in the way of inspiring awareness of innate and learned talents and tendencies inclusive of behaviors that might negatively impact oneself and others which may impede the ability to show up as they want in any given situation.

UNIQUE, & INNOVATIVE Business Solutions: The InnerCompass Assessment is one of the first profiles to assess each individual on a full range scale for each Enneagram type. Furthermore, we have a unique and proprietary approach of sharing your results via a graph that displays your complete scores across all nine Enneagram types.

Only at InnerCompass can you get a Profile Review that accounts for your individual thought patterns, emotional tendencies, left and right brain aptitude, how you respond to stress and confidence, how well you work in teams, and what are your default patterns that help you navigate life under stress, etc.

Our InnerCompass Coaches can provide an unparalleled look into who you are and are not and work with you to craft the most effective plan for you to create a revised or newly discovered Inner Compass to navigate your life moving forward.

We help you design your people systems based upon how to best leverage each individual and Team’s talent, skills, and knowledge to obtain the business results you are seeking.

Teams at work

The personality assessment can help your team work more effectively together and achieve more, by helping team leaders and HR gain a deeper understanding of their team.

What our Customers say

“The InnerCompass Team introduced us to a most powerful personality profile, named the InnerCompass Assessment, that allowed us to quickly and accurately identify our people in terms of their strengths and job competencies. This allowed us to quickly increase the quality of our hires, which simultaneously increased our productivity. We were also able to seriously cut back our rate of employee turnover.”

Jennifer Higgerson, Regional Manager, Nexgen Lending

“As CEO for Ice Energy, an emerging national company in the alternative energy field, I have had the privilege to have the InnerCompass Team work their “magic” regarding insightful interpretations of Enneagram profiles for my company’s benefit. They have time and again made key contributory insights regarding the hiring of key executive staff and saved us the painful, expensive price of wrong decisions through the advice they had shared from the InnerCompass Assessment & Profiles.”

Frank Ramirez, CEO, Ice Energy, Inc.

“The InnerCompass Assessment is one of the better personality tools that I have used in my 26 years in HR and it was an excellent assessment to discern the core Enneagram type as well as the ancillary types to see a full picture of personality. Leadership is first and foremost an inward journey (self-knowledge) that then manifests in what is seen on the outward journey (what others see, experience and perceive) – the InnerCompass Assessment & Profile of the Enneagram is a great tool for any organization or team that wants to grow and develop their leaders beyond just a superficial level.”

Derek Eaton, Senior Human Resources Manager, Amazon

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