• Our Assessment is the ONLY Assessment of its kind that has a PERSONALIZED Graph and offers you:
    • Complete Holistic View & Understanding of yourself across ALL personality types
    • What degree you connect and disconnect with each of the 9 Types & why
    • The ability to interpret your unique healthy and unhealthy patterns of Thinking/Feeling/Behaving
  • Gain insight and understand the root causes of your spiritual & psychological suffering (anxiety, anger, lack of purpose, etc.)
  • Understand what your unique motivations, drives, and psychological and spiritual needs you are trying to get met

The advantage of the InnerCompass Personality Assessment that actually gets to Root Causes

  • The IC9 Graph is as unique to you like your fingerprints.  It is your Spiritual, Psychological, and Behavioral Fingerprint. It is your unique “map” of how you are navigating life.
  • Our InnerCompass Assessment helps others help themselves in figuring out who and who they have mistaken themselves to be. Insights from the profile empower individuals, Teams, Organizations to gain a holistic understanding of their life.
  • It offers a path forward that accelerates growth and development, addresses root cause(s) to problems, and strengthens the ability to make conscious choices in moving forward navigating life, working with teams, or for a company.
  • InnerCompass offers an unprecedented breakthrough in personality assessments and provides integrated profiles for understanding yourself and others. We take a holistic approach to interpreting the profiles which we leverage for transformational results. Our clients have told us the insights gleaned from the Assessment & Profile review are spot-on accurate, highly valuable, and unlike anything they’ve ever experienced with a personality profile.