Assessment Plus

In addition to what you would accomplish with Option 1, you will learn the following:

  • Understanding of your unique False Core Triangle (Core Beliefs, Core Shame & Core Fear)
  • Understanding of your False Self and how you are compensating with life across all 9 Personality Types
  • What unique finger print like Limiting Beliefs and Assumptions you have adopted and project towards self and the outside world (personally & professionally)
  • What specific and patterned interpretations and judgments you have and how you do that in your intimate relationships, friendships, and professional life
  • What are your unconscious and semi-conscious Associations have been conditioned to believe that feel like a self-imposed cage you place self in
  • Your level of emotional intelligence or the lack of including how you can stop repressing emotions as well as expressing them dysfunctionally
  • Identify based upon your unique graph ways which you are trying to get your needs met through relationships, activities, and experiences rather than learning to become inner-dependent
  • What are your strengths and opportunities are and how they show up based upon specific and unique situations
  • Aptitude of Left & Right Brain abilities
  • WHY and HOW you self-Sabotage
  • How well you work with Teams
  • How you respond and react to stress
  • Why and in what unique ways you judge self and others as well as how you can manage/become friends with your Inner Critic