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Before we begin

You can access your assessment at any time by logging onto our website with your username/email and password.

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Allow 45 Minutes - This profile contains 153 statements and will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete. Save & Resume - Once you have started the assessment, your progress will be automatically saved and you can resume it at any time by returning to your account. Note: Once you have answered a question you cannot go back. Access Results - Once you’ve completed the assessment, you will be provided your results. You can come back and review your personality profiles at any time within your account dashboard.


Important: Please take this profile at a time of being well rested and non-stressed for best results.  If you need to take a break from taking the profile, please do so. You can save your progress and resume at any time.

Instructions and mindset for taking the InnerCompass Assessment. There's nothing to write out, you simply read a statement and then indicate the level of your agreement with it by clicking the mouse. Try not to overthink your answers but rather go with your first thought as you read the question. You will be asked to respond to a series of relatively simple statements that will attempt to describe you in various situations. You will be required to respond in relative terms regarding how much you agree or disagree with each statement. As you respond to each statement:

  • Read it through completely.
  • Think about how you typically have felt throughout most of your life regarding the content of the statement vs. how you feel at the moment and/or have felt recently.
  • Think about how you are in all aspects of your life - in and out of work and personal situations.
  • Respond to each statement as honestly as you possibly can. This will enable us to provide you with the most accurate results we can give.  The accuracy of conclusions provided depend on your degree of honesty in responding to each statement. By honesty we are referring to your level of awareness by paying attention to your thoughts and feelings as you read each question and sensing which answer is mostly you.

The test is based on the consistency of your feelings, behaviors and actions over the years more than any one point in time.

Built-in Validity Scale: We have added a built-in validity scale to measure the validity of the results based upon the accuracy of the revelations of your responses to the statements.

Our Guarantee: to give the most accurate outcomes, bar-none of Enneagram profiles anywhere. In order to accomplish this we need you to be as honest as possible as you respond to each statement. We recognize that this is a team approach and we will do our part to give you the best accuracy and analysis possible in our commitment to you.

Remember: the accuracy of the test scores will require you stating NOT how you would like to be seen, but rather how you have been over the past 5-10 years.

Best in Class Results

Upon completion of the profile you will receive your primary personality type and a brief description that explains who you are and how you operate in your world today.You will discover your own unique style of thinking, feeling and relating and begin to realize your decisions pertaining to jobs, relationships and experiences you are attracted to and why. You will also begin to learn that just as you are unique in your style, you will learn that others around are as well and why it is so important for you to know how to adjust your personality style to get the best out of existing relationships. Welcome to the beginning of your personal journey of discovery!  We at Innercompass know this experience is certainly worth your while!


InnerCompass verifies that the only people to see the results of profiles taken by clients are credentialed professionals and the parties who either paid for or ordered the results and has an existing account with InnerCompass. No unqualified people will have access to these materials. If in the future research or studies are conducted regarding gaining new insights or greater accuracies, they will be guaranteed to be conducted without names of the people who actually took the tests.

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